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If you're going in front of an employment tribunal we can represent you in any post-dismissal case.


We can also advise you on any legal issues you may have as well as advising individuals and companies on relevant statutory provisions.

Our legal team specialises in all different kinds of employment law, offering you a high quality service at a reasonable rate.


From dealing with unfair dismissal to launching a discrimination case, we can provide you with a professional employment law service.

Have you been made redundant?

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  • Drafting employment contracts and other documentation

  • Advising as to prospective employment action, particularly dismissal and redundancy

  • Claims concerning discrimination on grounds of race, gender, age and disability

Our employment law service includes:

Our employment law team can draft up everything you need for a compromise agreement and talk you through each aspect to ensure you are happy with everything. For more information please contact us today.

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